How the stars of the series "Magnificent Century" have changed and what is known about their fate. Photo then and now

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The cast of ''Magnificent Century'' has changed
The cast of ''Magnificent Century'' has changed

The actors of the Turkish TV series The Magnificent Century have become stars, and their lives are followed by armies of fans. The main character of Gürem Sultan, Meryem Üzerli, has 7 million followers on Instagram, and Sultan Suleyman, Halit Ergenç, has 1 million followers.

The film about the Ottoman Empire and its rulers has gained popularity far beyond Turkey and has won many prestigious awards. OBOZREVATEL talks about how the actors live now and how they have changed.

  • Halit Ergenç as Sultan Suleiman
Ergench has not changed its image

In real life, the sex symbol of the "Magnificent Century" Khalif Ergench is raising two sons with his second wife, actress Berguzar Korel, with whom he played in the TV series "One Thousand and One Nights". For many years after the first episode, Ergench has hardly changed. He does not "shine" in public space, and recent photos of the star can be found on his wife's page.

  • Meryem Üzerli - Gürem Sultan
Meryem Weatherly has lost weight

German actress Merem Uzerli played the role of Ukrainian prisoner Anastasia, who was later named Gürem. After the series was released, she gained unprecedented fame. In real life, the actress also has a difficult fate.

Uzerli is raising her daughter Lara, whose father she divorced when she was pregnant. The businessman Jan Atesh turned out to be a scammer who fled the country after borrowing $215,000 from his fiancée. Now she married an American and gave birth to her second daughter.

  • Nur Fettahoglu - Mahidevran Sultan
Nur Fettahoglu is still acting in movies

Nur Fettahoğlu played another wife of Sultan Suleiman, Mahidevran Sultan. Nur was born in Germany to Turkish migrants, but after school she went to study in Istanbul.

The future actress became a TV presenter and later began acting in films. Nur gave birth to her daughter from her ex-husband, with whom she divorced in early 2015. Now the couple has resumed their relationship, although they are officially divorced.

  • Nebahat Cechre - Valide
Nebahat Chehre was a model

Georgian-born actress Nebahat Cekhre started her career as a model after winning the Miss Turkey beauty contest. Nebahat became famous all over the world for playing the mother of the Sultan in a historical series. The actress has been married twice, both marriages ended in divorce. She has no children. Now the star of The Magnificent Century looks as stunningly beautiful as she did during filming.

  • Okan Yalabik - Ibrahim Pasha
Okan Yalabyk became a musician

Actor Okan Yalabyk played the best friend of Sultan Ibrahim Pasha. He was married to actress Hande Soral, but the couple divorced. He has changed in appearance since he played in the "Magnificent Century". Yalabik gained a little weight and also let go of his beard.

  • Selma Ergeç - Hadija Sultan
Ergech became a blonde.

Turkish actress Selma Ergeç, who played the Sultan's sister and wife of Ibrahim Pasha, is not a brunette but a blonde in real life. She notes that her character Hadija Sultan is not at all like her. The star of one of the world's most popular TV series does not like excessive pathos, so she dresses very simply.

  • Selim Bayraktar - Sümbül Ağa
Selim Bayraktar let his hair down

Few people know that actor Selim Bayraktar is not from Turkey, but from Iraq. He left his homeland because of the war. His character, the maid Sümbül Ağa, is charismatic and comical in the series. Bayraktar is the same in real life. He wears long hair and a beard, so fans on the street hardly recognize him.

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