How professionals do it: top 9 tips for natural makeup

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It's not that hard to create a "no makeup look". Source: Created with the help of AI

Almost imperceptible on the face, natural makeup seems easy to do. But in fact, it's a whole art with its laws, the violation of which destroys the whole effect.

OBOZ.UA figured out how not to make a mistake with nude makeup. Here are nine tips from professionals to help you create a flawless look.

Always start with skincare

No makeup can be successful if your skin is not sufficiently moisturized, flaky, and suffers from inflammation. Therefore, be sure to choose a skincare routine that will leave your face smooth and moisturized. Do not forget about cleansing or sun protection. Take care of the eye area separately – natural makeup cannot be complete without a shining open gaze.

Use an eyeshadow base instead of concealer

Usually, the texture of the concealer is quite dense, so it will lie on the eyelids in a heavy, noticeable layer and even emphasize wrinkles. Therefore, for natural makeup, it is better to choose a special base for eyeshadow. It will even out the skin texture, moisturize the eyelids, and even give them a slight glow. If you want, you can stop with just the base and not apply color.

Eyeliner is the main secret of fluffy eyelashes

If you want your natural eyelashes to look fluffy, take a dark brown pencil and draw it along the water line of the upper eyelid. This will visually add thickness to the hairs and you won't have to resort to extensions or false lashes. Even if you don't want to wear mascara later, your look will be complete.

Use a powder bronzer instead of eyeshadow

Bronzers have a very natural shade that gives your face a fresh and tanned look. This makes them ideal as a nude eye shadow. Apply a little bronzer to the crease and it will perfectly emphasize your eyes.

Comb your eyelashes well

Usually, we only paint the visible side of the eyelashes and this is quite enough. But try making the first brush stroke along the top row from the side of the eyelid. And then paint as you normally would. This will make your natural eyelashes look very fluffy and voluminous.

Try the "triangle of light" technique

The "triangle of light" is a signature makeup technique of makeup artist Trish McEvoy that she uses to brighten the under-eye area. Take an eyeliner and draw a large triangle from the inner corner of the eye to the wing of the nose, and then to the outer corner of the eye. Fill this triangle with the product and blend it out. This removes redness and conceals pores. It also makes your face look fresh and radiant.

Replace foundation with BB cream

The lighter the texture of the foundation for natural makeup, the better. Therefore, instead of using foundation, choose BB cream. A good product simultaneously prims, controls oil, and provides a high-quality translucent finish.

Apply translucent powder under blush or bronzer

If you want to soften the color transitions on your face from bronzer or blush, first apply a little translucent powder to your skin. Any contouring with this bottom layer will look smooth and blend well.

Try a combination of eyeliner and lip gloss

Lipstick in nude makeup can look like too intense a color accent. So replace it with a natural-colored lip gloss. Draw a pencil around your lips to prevent the product from spreading, blend the line you've drawn, and then just use the gloss.

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