How much Ukrainians actually earn in Poland: almost every second earns less than the minimum wage

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How much do Ukrainians in Poland get paid?
How much do Ukrainians in Poland get paid?

In 2023, Ukrainian refugees in Poland most often received a salary of 3000-4000 PLN (28,000-38,000 UAH). However, 49% of refugees declared earnings of less than PLN 3,000, compared to only 21% of pre-war migrants. This is less than the minimum wage for full-time work.

This is stated in the data of Gremi Personal. At the same time, refugees' wages are increasing every year, which is a consequence of the record low unemployment rate in Poland and the increase in the minimum wage. This is stated in the report of the National Bank of Poland (NBP).

In total, 94% of Ukrainian migrants in Poland were employed before the full-scale war in Ukraine, compared to 64% of migrants during the Great War. The marital status of newly arrived migrants to Poland after February 24, 2022 is also an important issue. The vast majority of all refugees were women - 78%, male refugees - 22%.

Women who stayed in Poland with children and no other family members account for 26% of all refugees, followed by 12% of women who stayed with children and a partner (husband). However, there is a relatively high percentage of women staying in Poland without children and a partner, either alone or with other family members - 32% in total.

Despite the fact that there are disproportionately fewer Ukrainian male refugees from Ukraine, they feel much better on the Polish labor market. Most of them are employed (71%).

"On the one hand, this may be due to a greater demand for jobs in professions performed by men, on the other hand, refugee women are more likely to take care of children," says Anna Dzobolda, director of the recruitment department at Gremi Personal.

Interestingly, pre-war migrants mostly worked in professions requiring special qualifications but not higher education (welders, turners, electricians, etc.). At the same time, refugees who arrived and found work in Poland were, on average, people with relatively high education, but the vast majority of refugees did simple jobs that did not require qualifications.

As OBOZ.UA reported, the rules for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic will soon change. Temporary protection is planned to be extended until the end of March 2025, but the period of free housing for refugees will be limited. Deportation of persons with temporary protection status will also be allowed.

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