For the first time, Tusk calls two demands of Polish farmers unacceptable: one of them is about Ukraine

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Tusk criticizes two demands of Polish farmers
Tusk criticizes two demands of Polish farmers

For the first time, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called some of the demands put forward by the protesters unacceptable. In particular, it refers to the strikers' desire to completely close the border with Ukraine for food or to finally abandon the European Union's (EU) "green course".

Tusk said this at a press conference in Warsaw on March 7, tvn24.pl reports. Thus, Tusk emphasized that demands such as "Down with the Green Deal" or "Block Ukraine" are "unacceptable" to him.

According to him, he will fight for easing the provisions of the "Green Deal" and "protecting Polish producers" in terms of trade with Ukraine, but not so radically. Tusk also emphasized that the government has made "serious progress" in negotiations on both topics.

"I promised them (farmers - Ed.) that I would inform them about the measures we have taken and the chances of the results of these measures. And it is up to them to judge how satisfied they will be... If someone still wants to protest, it is their right, as long as they do not violate the rules as demonstratively as some of the participants of yesterday's demonstration," the Polish Prime Minister said.

Tusk was referring to the protest that farmers held in Warsaw on March 6. This demonstration ended in clashes with police and the detention of protesters, most of whom were also drunk.

Earlier, Tusk was more favorably disposed to the strikers' demands and even mentioned the complete closure of the border with Ukraine for some time. However, later the Polish government, as well as the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, denied that such a measure was being considered at all.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Polish farmers continue to block traffic at six checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. The most difficult situation is at the Krakovets and Yahodyn checkpoints, where so many cars have already gathered that people will have to stand in line for more than 14 days.

Thus, the protesting Poles have extended the blockade of the border with Ukraine for almost two months – until April 30. Previously, they intended to end it on March 10. In this way, the Poles want to achieve restrictions on the import of agricultural products from outside the European Union, in particular from Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukraine is ready to limit the volume of its exports to the EU in order to get the Poles to lift the blockade of the border between the countries. Instead, however, it wants the EU to ban the import of products from Russia into its territory.

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