For missiles for Russia: EU prepares 'symbolic' sanctions against North Korea

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New sanctions are being prepared against the DPRK
New sanctions are being prepared against the DPRK

The European Union (EU) has proposed to impose sanctions against North Korea (DPRK) for providing Russia with missiles that the aggressor uses against Ukraine. The restrictions may lead to the 13th package of European sanctions against Russia, but, according to analysts, will be symbolic and unlikely to stop the supply of weapons.

This was reported by Bloomberg, citing documents that the agency managed to get acquainted with. Officially, sanctions against the DPRK have not yet been announced.

Thus, according to the agency, among other things, the EU proposed to include the North Korean Defense Minister and the General Missile Office in the sanctions list. This is the government body that controls the DPRK's national ballistic missile program.

"Ballistic missiles designed, developed, and produced by North Korea were used against Ukraine by the Russian armed forces," the article says. It is noted that North Korea has also provided Russia with hundreds of thousands of artillery rounds.

However, analysts doubt that EU sanctions will block such supplies. It is noted that the effect of the new restrictions will be "mostly symbolic."

In general, the draft 13th EU sanctions package includes "dozens of individuals and legal entities" involved in the production and supply of weapons to Russia. The measures also target several Russian government officials. The EU is expected to approve these restrictions by February 24, the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier, EU diplomat Josep Borrell said that the 13th package of sanctions against Russia would not include new import bans or restrictions against large Russian companies. The EU will introduce restrictive measures, in particular, against companies from different countries that help Russia circumvent existing bans.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the United States has already announced the second imposition of sanctions in 2024 against those who help Russia circumvent them. The restrictions include a ship and four companies associated with it.

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