Famous Russian poet Lev Rubinstein died: he condemned the war against Ukraine

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Famous poet dies in Russia

The famous Russian poet Lev Rubinstein, who opposed the war in Ukraine, has died in Moscow. The writer was 76 years old.

The death of the poet was reported by the Russian media outlet Meduza, citing a statement by Rubinstein's daughter. On January 8, Rubinstein was hit by a car in Moscow.

As a result, the poet was hospitalized at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care in serious condition. After surgery, he was put into a therapeutic sleep. On January 12, the media reported Rubinstein's death. Relatives and doctors denied these reports. However, two days later, on January 14, the poet's daughter reported that he had died. A criminal case was opened against the driver who hit the poet.

"My dad Lev Rubinstein died today," she wrote on the morning of January 14.

Lev Rubinstein was one of the founders of Moscow conceptualism and an NOS Prize winner. The poet received this prize in 2012 for his book Signs of Attention.

Earlier, in an interview with Meduza, Rubinstein said that he condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and that all Russian narratives, including those spread in the so-called Z-poetry, are 100% false.

"It seems to me that any pro-government line is 100% false now. Some say there is a truth there but there isn't. All conversations begin with the fact that someone is defending the homeland, which is initially a lie. How can you defend your homeland in a foreign country? Which country? From whom? I'm not even talking about the fact that there are no "fascists" and NATO soldiers," the poet said.

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