EU country wants to cut payments to all Ukrainians: authorities announce new rules

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Payments to Ukrainians in Ireland are to be cut again
Payments to Ukrainians in Ireland are to be cut again. Source: Freepik

Ireland is considering cutting state support for asylum seekers and refugees, including those from Ukraine, even those who have long been in the country. The main goal is to bring Irish payments in line with other European countries, as more and more Ukrainian refugees are moving to Ireland from other EU countries due to the large financial support.

This was stated by Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris, The Guardian reports. "We need to assess the contribution that people with refugee status (- Ed.) should make to the provision of accommodation. We need to make sure that everyone is working legally, that there are more checks at workplaces," Harris said.

Regarding Ukrainians, Harris emphasized that in this case, support should not depend on when the asylum seekers arrived. That is, if the new rules are introduced, they will apply to all Ukrainian refugees in Ireland, not just new arrivals.

The fact is that Ireland has already updated the rules for newly arrived refugees since March 14. Those Ukrainians who decide to move to this country after this date are placed in public housing for only 90 days, not indefinitely, as it was before. Also, payments were reduced by 5.5 times.

Thus, newly arrived Ukrainians who stay in free housing are paid not 220 euros per week, but 38.8 euros per adult. That is, the assistance in hryvnia equivalent was cut from about UAH 9.2 thousand to UAH 1.6 thousand. At the same time, a child receives 28.9 euros per week (about 1.2 thousand UAH).

If a refugee moves out of public housing and rents an apartment, room or house on their own, they can claim higher payments. In addition, refugees from Ukraine (more than 100 thousand people) who have already arrived in Ireland continue to receive 220 euros per adult per week.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Poland will not stimulate the return of Ukrainian refugees home. Polish employers are interested in keeping working Ukrainians in the country, so they are likely to persuade them not to leave. At the same time, Poland is not a place where you can live comfortably on wages and benefits.

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