EU country "tightens the screws" for refugees from Ukraine: what they will have to pay for

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Employed Ukrainians in the Netherlands will start paying personal contributions
Employed Ukrainians in the Netherlands will start paying personal contributions

Ukrainian refugees who fled to the Netherlands because of the war will soon have to pay a personal contribution of 350 euros. However, the innovation will not apply to everyone, but only to working people.

This was reported by NOS. "Working Ukrainian refugees will soon have to pay a maximum of almost 350 euros in personal contributions. This includes about 105 euros for water, gas, and electricity and about 242 euros for people who receive meals at their place of residence," the report says.

Dutch Secretary of State Erik van der Burgh wrote to the House of Representatives that he was opting for a "simple and clear model" for paying for services, as the rules should be applied as uniformly as possible.

The debate also raised the question of whether Ukrainians should have to pay rent. Currently, the Secretary of State wants to check whether it is possible to charge rent for "flexible" housing and then start testing it.

In addition, Ukrainians are not yet required to sign a health insurance contract, which is mandatory in the Netherlands under the health insurance law.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Ukrainian refugees in Poland may be subject to restrictions on payments and new conditions of stay in the country. The changes have not yet been adopted. Among other things, they are discussing, for example, the deprivation of temporary protection status for leaving Poland for at least a day, as well as the abolition of a one-time cash payment to newcomers.

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