Day of the Power of the Sun: when is the summer solstice in 2024 and what traditions exist in Ukraine

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For centuries, people have been observing the sky and attaching special significance to certain features in the movement of celestial bodies. This is how the ancient holiday marking the summer solstice appeared.

This day symbolizes the top of the solar cycle. Read about its features and date in the OBOZ.UA article.

When is the solstice in 2024?

As a rule, the summer solstice falls on June 21, but every 3-4 years it shifts to the 20th.

This will happen in 2024, as the Sun will pass through the northernmost point of the ecliptic at exactly 23:50:20 on June 20, Kyiv time.

The meaning of the summer solstice

The summer solstice is the day when the sun reaches its highest point above the horizon, giving us the longest day of the year. Since ancient times, this event has been associated with mysticism, magic, and folk rituals that were intended to preserve and increase the vitality of nature. In addition, people have been basing their calendars on the natural lunar and solar cycles for centuries.

In almost all cultures, the summer solstice was the day of the peak of the Sun's power. It was deified and considered a celebration of the beginning of summer, light, power, and invincibility of life. Even with the advent of monotheistic religions, the importance and significance of the solstice has remained.

Traditions of the summer solstice

The summer solstice had a special significance for our ancestors back in the days of paganism. Back then, there were many unique rituals and beliefs.

Later, with the advent of Christianity, the holiday of Ivan Kupala appeared in Ukraine, which was timed to coincide with the solstice. However, it is now tied to the church holiday of St. John the Baptist and has a fixed date.

What to do on the solstice

Since the summer solstice is considered a holiday, you should enjoy it and do things that bring you pleasure. In the old days, people used to organize festivities, jump over bonfires, collect medicinal herbs, weave wreaths, and perform special Midsummer songs and rituals.

You can also make a wish during the solstice. It is believed that it will definitely come true.

Prohibitions on the solstice

During the holiday, you shouldn't swear, gossip, or say bad things about people. The solstice should be held in peace, tranquility, and harmony.

Signs of the solstice

  • If you wake up early on the day of the solstice and meet the dawn, you will be safe from troubles throughout the year;
  • If the night before the solstice is clear, there will be a large harvest of mushrooms in early fall;
  • If there is a lot of dew on the grass in the morning, the harvest will be plentiful.
  • If the day is cloudy and rainy, the harvest will be poor.

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