Christmas was approximately October 1, 2 years before Christ

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Merry Christmas greetings

Researchers say that December 25 is the same conventional date for Christmas as January 7.

On the same day that Christ was born, the shepherds were out in the field at night watching their flocks (Luke 2:8). In winter, it was impossible to do this in Israel: it was cold (yes, even there!) and raining. Therefore, it is believed that this must have happened somewhere in April-October, but not in December-January.

In addition, the date of Christ's execution and Resurrection is usually called the year 3Z, and given that all this happened in the spring, the Savior, if he had been born at the beginning of year 1, would have barely turned 32, but everyone considers Christ's age to be 33.

Since there was no zero year and 1 year before Christ was immediately followed by 1 year after Christ (as we now say - our era), the date of October 1, 2 BC, which scientists are increasingly calling a more accurate approximate date of Christ's birth, is most trustworthy. Then, at the time of the events in the spring of 33, He was about 33 years and 7 months old.

However, if Christians decided to celebrate according to the Gregorian tradition on December 25, it is at least 13 days earlier than January 7, and therefore closer to a more accurate date. However, it is very difficult to determine the exact date and, by and large, it does not matter.

For if we consider the beginning of our era to be the Nativity of Christ, then He was born at midnight on the night of December 31, 1 BC (BC) to January 1, 1 AD (AD), and it is not the date of His birth that should be shifted, but the present day.

Merry Christmas to the Savior! Christ is born! Let us praise Him!

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