China announces its intention to develop military robots: the date is set

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Military robots. Illustrative image

China wants to create robotic agents for special operations. The technology, equipped with artificial intelligence, is to be implemented by 2035. Robots will replace agents during particularly dangerous missions, experts say.

However, the prospect of creating military robots is frightening. Interesting Engineering has described how the People's Liberation Army of China plans to introduce artificial intelligence into the military industry.

According to preliminary forecasts, the latest technologies will be implemented in the form of unmanned aerial vehicles. The robot should be able to fly long distances, dive deep underwater, and remain hidden for a long time. After receiving a command, the robot should quickly emerge from the water, move towards its target, and deliver a fatal blow before disappearing under the waves again.

The proposal to create the new robot came from the 78092 unit of the PLA (Chinese Army), which recently published details of a hypothetical plan for special operations abroad in the journal Fire Control & Command Control. Chinese engineers and scientists are actively researching new UAVs to better understand the requirements, capabilities, and strategic objectives that drones can fulfill.

To demonstrate the capabilities of military robots, scientists have published a "scenario" of events. According to the scenario, in 2035, a conflict broke out between China and a neighboring country. Both sides agreed to use only small arms, drones, and anti-aircraft guns to reduce costs and prevent escalation. The scenario does not mention the name of the other country but refers to "a river that runs along the border between the two territories.

The river has an average depth of 30 meters and a maximum depth of 40 meters. China, by the way, has several rivers in common with neighboring countries that can meet this criterion, such as the Yarlung Tsangpo/Brahmaputra River, which flows from Tibet to India.

In this scenario, the Chinese military is assigned a special task. They must launch a quick, silent attack on important targets behind enemy lines. The target is a key command and supply center for the opposing forces, hidden along a river, about 40 kilometers from the front line.

The newest military robots (conventionally, these will be drones ) will be able to operate alone or in groups, navigate the river depths, and launch torpedoes at enemy boats. The drones will be equipped with intelligence, surveillance, and aerial reconnaissance systems to hover over the battlefield, assess damage, and determine whether further action is needed after the initial attack. If enemy troops try to escape, military robots will pursue and destroy them.

Countries are striving to dominate the military industry with the latest technologies and it seems that the arms race will never end. Humanity will continue to use its full potential to destroy itself and the planet. Perhaps Albert Einstein was not far from the truth when he said: "I don't know what weapons will be used in the third world war, but the fourth will be sticks and stones."

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