Can you recharge your smartphone frequently if the battery is not yet dead

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Charging smartphones. Source: inc.com

Constantly charging your smartphone is one of the most common mistakes in using this gadget. Of course, in the face of emergency and blackouts, the problem of recharging your phone has become a pressing issue.

Out of fear of being left without communication, more and more Ukrainians put their smartphones on charge at the first opportunity even if they still have 90 percent of the battery left. OBOZREVATEL found out how dangerous it is for the device.

What is the best way to charge your smartphone

Experts say that constant charging up to 100 percent is harmful to modern lithium-ion batteries. Because of this, it is better to charge the phone to a maximum of 80 percent. This way, the battery will last much longer.

Under ideal conditions, it is recommended to charge your smartphone to more than 90 percent only when necessary: if you are going on a long trip or planning a long power outage.

In addition, don't forget the basic tips that will help extend battery life. Experts do not recommend charging your phone all night, putting it under your pillow before going to bed, or allowing it to overheat or undergo frequent charging cycles.

In the event of sudden temperature changes, for example, when coming from a frosty street to a warm room, it is better not to put the gadget on charge immediately, giving it a chance to warm up to room temperature.

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