BO Team hackers break into Moscow-based Internet provider Rialcom, giving away money to its customers

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The company's total losses could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Source: Freepik

The successful hunt of the BO Team cyber group continues. The Moscow-based Internet provider Rialcom has become its latest victim. The results are impressive even to experts. More than 10,000 of the provider's switches and the company's website were taken down, and all customer databases were completely destroyed.

As a result, Internet and communication services were suspended for several days for about 3,500 legal entities and tens of thousands of individuals. According to BO Team, which claimed responsibility for the cyberattack, many of Rialcom's customers are representatives of large businesses and the public sector, including those in the defense sector. The total losses of the company and its clients could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no need to talk about the outflow of customers due to the cyber incident.

The attack was so powerful that payment services and personal accounts were restored only a week later. Thanks to the skillful actions of the group, Rialcom suddenly returned more than 13 million rubles to its customers without them even noticing and without their will.

The company itself had nothing better to do than simply report that its communications network infrastructure had been attacked on May 26-27. At the same time, it noted that it was not ready to tell how the hacking occurred. It only sweetened the pill by saying that the personal data of customers was not affected.

However, cyber warriors have a different opinion on this fact. After all, when they hacked Rialcom, they discovered some pretty juicy details about its activities. They got their hands on an evidence base that proves that this provider purposefully and regularly "leaked" everything about all its customers directly to the FSB.

Ukrainian hackers have long set out to keep up with their colleagues on the front lines. However, not all of their massive and constantly scaling attacks on government agencies and businesses are made public. Nevertheless, they significantly reduce the level of taxes paid to the Russian budget, which means that the Kremlin regime finances the war of aggression. In addition, they destroy the favorable environment for Russian business and cause anxiety among citizens that the Russian authorities cannot ensure the security of business and personal data.

Meanwhile, the BO Team continues its painstaking daily cyberwar against the enemy. The results can be found online on the group's TG channel

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