Blockade of Ukraine's border by Poles: more than 4 thousand trucks are waiting in lines

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What is the current situation at the border?
What is the current situation at the border

There are currently about 2600 trucks in queues on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The blocking of traffic at three checkpoints continues.

Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Guard Service, told Ukrinform. "According to the Polish border guards, as of this morning, there are 2600 trucks in the areas where the blocking continues: "Shehyni - 1300, Rava-Ruska - 720, Krakivets - 570," he said.

The blockade on the border with Slovakia also continues. As of the morning, nearly 560 trucks were waiting to cross into Ukraine at the Uzhhorod checkpoint.

As of this morning, more than 1,200 trucks were registered in the e-queue to leave Ukraine. Meanwhile, traffic on the Hungarian border is moving, but there are still queues. In the direction of Ukraine, 450 trucks were waiting to cross the Tisa checkpoint.

As a reminder, Polish carriers led by far-right politician Rafal Mekler failed to re-block the largest checkpoint on the border between Ukraine and Poland, Yahodyn-Dorohusk. On the night of December 12, they tried to completely block the traffic with an allegedly "broken" truck, but managed to avoid queues.

In addition, the blockade of another checkpoint may soon be lifted, but the far right hopes to reverse these decisions.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, road carriers in Slovakia blocked the Vysne Nemecke checkpoint for trucks, but only in the direction of Slovakia. They organized the action in support of their Polish colleagues.

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