Belarus is building housing for former members of disbanded Wagner PMC - National Resistance Center

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A nine-story building will appear near the training ground where mercenaries were stationed

Houses for mercenaries of the disbanded Russian Wagner PMC who remained in the country are being built in Belarus. In particular, the construction of a nine-story building in the village of Tsel, Mogilev region, was recorded.

This was reported on March 15 by the National Resistance Center, citing locals. It is known that there is a landfill near the village of Tsel where Wagner's men were once stationed.

Currently, up to 300 militants remain there to train the Belarusian military.

Meanwhile, the military tents in the camp continue to be dismantled and removed, the NRC reported.

They also expressed gratitude to Belarusians who continue to inform them about the actions of the common enemy.

Belarus is building housing for former members of disbanded Wagner PMC - National Resistance Center

On March 11, the Belarusian army began checking the combat capability of formations and military units with the movement of military equipment. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the inspection would be comprehensive.

Earlier, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that the situation on the border with Belarus remains stable. Ukrainian intelligence is closely monitoring all the actions of the Belarusian army.

In early February, the SBGS said that Belarus had moved its military equipment closer to the border with Ukraine. It was connected with the exercises near the village of Saki, Brest region.

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