"Absolutely crazy" table tennis draw garnered 880,000 views. Video

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The match turned out to be super dramatic

The table tennis match between Frenchmen Simone Gozi and Felix Lebrun became a real hit on the Internet. The match of the 1/32 finals took place at the WTT Champions tournament in Stuttgart, Germany.

In the second set, the tennis players made an incredible play, which the official Eurosport broadcaster called "absolutely crazy." In less than 2 weeks, the moment garnered about 880,000 views on Facebook.

''Absolutely crazy'' table tennis draw garnered 880,000 views. Video

Winning 10-7, 17-year-old Lebrun constantly attacked, demonstrating powerful shots, but 29-year-old Gozi effectively defended himself and waited for his opponent to make a mistake.

''Absolutely crazy'' table tennis draw garnered 880,000 views. Video

At some point, the less experienced Frenchman's nerves gave out and he hit the net.

''Absolutely crazy'' table tennis draw garnered 880,000 views. Video

Despite this, Felix was stronger in the next game, winning the set 11:8.

In the end, the match ended with the young tennis player winning 3:2. At the tournament, LeBrun reached the semifinals, where he lost to Ma Long of China. He, in turn, lost in the final to his compatriot Lin Yun-Hu.

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