A unique solar eclipse will take place in April: exact date and time, where to see it

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Residents of North and South America will be lucky to enjoy the total solar eclipse. Source: Created with the help of AI

On April 8, the world will witness a rare total solar eclipse. The Moon's shadow will pass across the solar disk, forming a ring of fire in the sky for a few minutes. But this spectacle will not be possible to observe everywhere.

OBOZ.UA tells which inhabitants of the Earth will be able to observe the phenomenon in its maximum beauty and when the celestial event will take place. It also explains how Ukrainians will be able to admire it.

What is a total solar eclipse?

In astronomy, a total eclipse is considered to be a solar eclipse when the Moon, which passes directly between the Earth and the Sun, covers the star completely. The shadow of the natural satellite covers the surface of the planet, temporary twilight sets in during the day, the temperature drops, and stars become visible in the daytime sky.

This phenomenon is usually visible in a relatively small area of the Earth's surface. It also does not last long. The full phase takes only a few minutes.

Where and when will the total solar eclipse be visible on April 8

Here's the unfortunate news: the total phase of the solar eclipse will take place at 20:18 Kyiv time. At this time in early April, it is already night in Ukraine, so we won't be able to see the celestial event with our own eyes. However, there is still the option of online broadcasts. But more on that later.

Now we'll tell you where exactly the eclipse will be total. Residents of Mexico will have the best chance to see the rare phenomenon. The full phase of the eclipse will be the longest there, too - the country's residents will be able to admire the sun's ring in the sky for more than 4 minutes. Americans will also be able to see the phenomenon - in their sky, the event will last from 3:45 minutes to 4:25. Residents of Canada will also be lucky. Their full phase will last a little less - from 1:30 minutes to 3:25 minutes.

Ships will also be able to observe the phenomenon, first in the South Pacific and then in the North Atlantic. Some countries in Central America and Western Europe will also be lucky. But there, the solar eclipse will be only partial.

How to watch in Ukraine

Everyone in Ukraine will also be able to see the solar eclipse in progress. But to do so, they will have to turn on the online broadcast of the astronomical event.

The American aerospace agency NASA will hold an official broadcast with expert commentary.

It will also show what the celestial event looks like through the lenses of several large telescopes.

The US National Science Foundation will also organize its own broadcast. It will broadcast the phenomenon from Dallas, Texas. And from California, it will be shown by the public educational laboratory Exploratorium.

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