A free Ukrainian car was found almost untouched in a garage. Photo

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The old ZAZ-968M was shown online. Source: Roma Urraco

A free Zaporozhets with minimal mileage was found almost untouched in a Ukrainian garage. At one time, the ZAZ-968 was the cheapest car in the Soviet Union that was manufactured in Ukraine.

The blogger Roma Urraco showed a used ZAZ-968M. It is an interesting example. The mileage is only 2000 km. The condition of the used car is satisfactory, despite its 40-year age.

The 1985 ZAZ-968M is well preserved due to a familiar scenario: the car was rarely used. Of course, the car does not look like new. The storage conditions could not be called ideal.


ZAZ-968 modification with manual control. This version was intended for drivers with disabilities. In Soviet times, such cars were given away for free. Of course, you had to wait in line.

Theoretically, in the future, cars in such designs may have a collector's status and interest from antique lovers. However, at the moment, there are too many copies left. Even cars in better condition are not valuable.

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