Stewardess refutes the life hack of tourists that helps to get more space on the plane

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A TikTok user came up with a way to deceive the airline to get a free seat, but she was wrong

Free space for a comfortable seat on an airplane is a painful issue. Few people have enough space in the economy class cabin, so tourists come up with life hacks to make themselves comfortable. Some of them cause real indignation.

Fortunately, not all dishonest life hacks turn out to work. According to The Sun, former flight attendant Kat Kamalani, who worked on flights for six years, debunked one of them. The tip recently went viral on TikTok, given by a user named Jaephens, who shared that she often buys three adjacent seats in economy class to make a personal "sofa" out of them. According to her, it works out even cheaper than buying a first-class ticket, and the space is the same.

More than 660 thousand people saw this life hack, and many of them were outraged by such impudence in the comments. "This should be illegal!", "This is so unfair!", they wrote in response to the tip.

And Kamalani went further and explained why the tactic described is not so working. According to her, it can work if the plane is flying half-empty. If the flight is full, the airline employee who deals with check-in and seat assignment can give the redeemed but unoccupied seats to people who are also planning to fly on the same flight. The former flight attendant also advised against taking such risks.

However, the publication has learned that there is one airline that officially allows such a trick on its flights. This is Air New Zealand. It has a service called Skycouch. A person who buys two seats from the edges of a row is automatically allowed to take the third and turn the row into a lie-flat seat. Other carriers do not have this option.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, you can get more space on an airplane in quite legal ways. Not all of them are one hundred percent reliable, and some of them are even tricky, but all of them work and are less risky.

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