A challenging math puzzle with fruit: only the smartest can solve it in 12 seconds

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Math puzzle with fruits. Source: Pinterest

Of all the types of puzzles, math puzzles are the best for improving concentration and focus. Puzzles test critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These tasks have the potential to increase intelligence and improve cognitive skills.

Thus, we suggest you to test your wit with an interesting task. Try to solve a difficult equation.

A challenging math puzzle with fruit: only the smartest can solve it in 12 seconds

Puzzles help improve brain function. Regular mental training will be beneficial even in the long run. Studies have shown that brain training reduces the risk of dementia.

In general, puzzle tasks mostly involve finding a hidden object, detecting an error in an image, or determining a numerical sequence.

The image above shows a math puzzle. The goal is to find the value of the last example within 12 seconds.

This puzzle will test your analytical and logical thinking skills.

The answer

In the figure, we can see that three apples multiplied by each other gives 27. So, the value of one apple is x.

X cubed = 27

Apple = 3

The rest is simple.

Mango cubed= 24/3

Mango cubed = 8

Mango = 2.

Next step:

Apple x Mango x Orange x Orange = 96

3 x 2 x Orange x Orange = 96

Orange squared = 16

Orange = 4

Adding the values to the final equation, we get

Orange + Apple x Mango

4 + 3 х 2 = 10.

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