7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

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How to plan a travel budget correctly

Setting a budget is one of the most difficult things to do when planning a trip. You need to take everything into account: travel and hotel prices, food costs, additional expenses for entertainment and souvenirs.

In order not to leave all your money at the resort, keep in mind the following tips that will help you save a considerable amount of money.

Monitor prices

It sounds trite, but it really works. A few months before your trip, turn on the monitoring of the lowest prices for tickets and accommodation. This feature is available on many booking sites.

But don't be lazy yourself and periodically check the prices of flights and accommodation. This way, you can accidentally stumble upon a discount and grab the best option.

By the way, some travel forums suggest that you don't need to book a hotel right away. If you just look at it, you will come across an advertisement for the same room, but with a good discount, in a few days. We won't claim that this works 100% of the time, but this marketing technique is indeed used by some travel industry representatives.

7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

Choose the best dates for your flight

This tip applies if you're choosing charter flights. Many low-cost airlines launch a promotional sale about 70 days before the flight. At this time, tickets will be as cheap as possible.

However, be careful not to fall for the carriers' tricks. Think about whether you should overpay for a window seat, extra baggage, or a better level of service. If it's a 1-3 hour flight, then all of these things won't matter much. But if you're going to be traveling for 12 hours, you'd better take care of your comfort.

And don't forget that a lot depends on the season and date of the flight. For example, European carriers raise their prices a lot during the holidays and summer.

7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

Compare prices for ready-made tours and self-directed trips

Sometimes it seems that planning a trip on your own will be cheaper than booking a tour. But this is not always the case. Many tour operators offer fairly budget-friendly options that will be more profitable for you.

But read all the terms of the contract with the agency carefully. Pay attention to the level of the hotel, the meals offered, the excursion program, entertainment, the location of the resort, transfer conditions, etc. And only then make a decision whether you will choose a package deal or look for everything separately.

7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

Sign up for loyalty programs and enjoy promotions and benefits

The number of them is unlimited. Different companies offer discounts for regular customers on transportation, accommodation, excursions, shopping, etc. Just plan your trip in advance and check the official websites of the business representatives whose services you are going to use for any promotional offers.

In addition, don't forget that even abroad you can enjoy discounts as a student, retired person, cultural worker, journalist, teacher, etc. To do this, you need to have a special international certificate.

Don't forget about open days, which are held in almost every museum in the world. This is a good opportunity to see famous masterpieces for free.

7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

Choose your insurance policy carefully

This is an important point that many people remember at the last minute. Standard travel insurance can cost either 600 or 6000 hryvnias. It all depends on what is written in the contract. To begin with, make sure that you will receive payments in case of damage or loss of luggage, the need for medical care abroad, and in case of injury or wounds. These are the most important options.

What can be excluded from the policy? Some companies are starting to include dental services, unexpected hotel check-outs, and other things that you are unlikely to need. But you'll be paying for each item with your own money, so think about whether you really need it all.

Another life hack. If you travel often, buy annual insurance. It will cost you less than three or four monthly packages.

7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

Don't overpay for food

Some hotels offer three meals a day for an additional fee. Usually, one meal will cost you about 10-50 euros. But how profitable is it?

You can find more budget-friendly options in local restaurants in many countries. In addition, there are supermarkets almost everywhere that sell ready-made products that cost a pretty penny. And if you are traveling with a large family, it is better to rent an apartment or a house with a kitchen and cook on your own. This way you won't overpay for restaurant meals.

7 actionable tips on how to save money while on vacation

Try home sharing services

This is a rather risky option, so it's not for everyone. There are special services where people from all over the world offer their homes to tourists for free. Among the advantages: you don't have to pay for a hotel, and you'll live with people who know the place well and can tell you interesting locations. However, there are also disadvantages. The main one is that you have no idea who you are staying with. Therefore, no one can guarantee your safety and peace of mind. But I must admit that this is a good option to consider.

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