10 best looks of Olena Zelenska in 2023: bright colors, brooches and embroidered shirts

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OBOZ.UA has collected the 10 best looks of the first lady, according to the editorial staff

The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, attended important international events throughout the year, meeting foreign guests and giving interviews. Each time, stylists chose fashionable but restrained looks for her that included trendy colors, appropriate styles, and stylish combinations.

OBOZ.UA decided to tell you about the top 10 best outfits of Olena Zelenska, according to the editorial staff. Sometimes they were bright, but more often they were laconic, dark and elegant.

Olena Zelenska appreciates cool two-piece and three-piece suits. The Ukrainian woman's wardrobe includes many variations of dark and light colors, which the first lady wears when meeting with distinguished guests.

The First Lady chose an exquisite three-piece suit

In the summer, Olena Zelenska and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark spoke to Ukrainian and Danish volunteers in Haderslev in a luxurious milk-colored suit. The First Lady likes monochromatic outfits with laconic details. Usually, these are brooches by Ukrainian designers.

Olena Zelenska and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark at the service in Haderslev Cathedral

During her official visit to the United States and Canada, the Ukrainian first lady wore an embroidered shirt from the Etnodim brand and the Ivan Honchar Museum National Center of Folk Culture. She paired the authentic wardrobe item with classic trousers.

Embroidery from the joint collection of Etnodim and the Ivan Honchar Museum

Not all of Olena Zelenska's outfits are monochromatic. Sometimes they feature stylish, minimalist elements, such as a white line on a jumper. This makes the Ukrainian look both classic and fashionable.

The First Lady meets with the WHO Director-General

On August 24, the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine's declaration of independence, the Zelenskyy couple wore embroidered shirts. The Ukrainian leader wore a military version, while the first lady wore a shirt embroidered with yellow and blue patterns with national symbols. This is another example of how Ukrainian embroidery can look stylish on holidays and every day.

The First Lady showed how to wear embroidery in a stylish way

As we have already mentioned, brooches hold a special place in Olena Zelenska's heart. The First Lady has a whole collection of iconic jewelry. For example, in the form of Ukraine with the 1991 borders and a cockerel jug that survived the shelling. They make even basic Ukrainian costumes look original.

Olena Zelenska chose a symbolic brooch from the Gunia Project

Special attention should be paid to the styles of the wife of the President of Ukraine's costumes. In the summer, she visited Korea in a light-colored suit with slits on the sleeves.

The styles of the First Lady's costumes deserve special attention

Rarely, but appropriately, does the first lady showcase bright colors. For example, the red shirt she wore in Lviv.

Olena Zelenska wears bright clothes

By the way, the first lady doesn't always wear restrained suits and mid-length dresses. She is no stranger to regular jeans when it comes to less formal meetings. She recently met with Ukrainians in a sporty down jacket.

Olena Zelenska chose a simple look
Zelenska also wears jeans

You can also learn from the first lady how to combine clothes and shoes of the same color but in different shades. Just like she did with a blue suit during an interview.

The first lady wears a blue suit

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