Forms made of this material should not be put in the oven: the dish and utensils will be spoiled

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What utensils are not allowed to bake in

In order for your baked goods to be really tasty and safe - they need to be cooked in the right utensils. Sometimes, hostesses don't even think about it and just put into the oven the container that is at hand. But this is completely wrong.

FoodOboz editors will tell you what kind of cookware you shouldn't choose for baking. As well as how to make cooking safe.

Plastic cookware

Due to exposure to high temperatures, plastic becomes very toxic and emits harmful substances. Therefore, even if your cookware has parts of this material - do not put it in the oven.

Cardboard and paper containers


Cardboard and paper are very flammable materials. So using them in baking can be quite a dangerous decision. But there are special paper forms for muffins in which you can still bake - they are impregnated with a special substance.

Containers made of wood

Such material will not catch fire, but it will change color. Also, it can crack. Therefore, even if the handles in the form or pot are made of wood - do not put such dishes in the oven.



Cookware that demands special attention


This kind of material can be put in the oven and many forms are made of it. But if there is acid in your dish - you need to choose another cookware. The material becomes toxic and the food dangerous.



The enamel will start to crack because of exposure to high temperatures. Therefore, before cooking, the oven should not be heated, and put the dish in a cold one. Also remember that enamel can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees.



Glass baking pans must be heat-resistant. Otherwise, the dishes will simply crack. Place the container only in a cold oven, and remove it a few minutes after turning off, so that the container cools down.

Bowl from a multicooker


Such dishes have many nuances. It is better not to be lazy and buy a separate form, because the bowl has a thin bottom - the food can burn. Also its maximum heating temperature is 200 degrees.

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