Zelensky assured Biden that Ukraine will not use F-16s to attack Russia

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Zelensky met with Biden in Japan

President Vladimir Zelensky, who urges allies to provide Ukraine with American F-16 fighter jets, has assured US President Joe Biden that the planes will not be used to invade airspace over Russia. The Defense Forces need these combat aircraft only for a counterattack on their own territory.

Biden himself said this during a conversation with journalists at the G7 summit in Hiroshima. He pointed out that during the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, the fighter jets were the focus of the negotiations.

"I have a firm assurance from Zelensky that they will not use them to advance into Russian geographic territory. The use of our planes will be where the Russian troops are located within Ukraine itself," the White House head emphasized.

It should be noted that despite the optimistic forecasts, Washington is still hesitant to supply the AFU with its fighter jets. Biden's own position is based on skepticism that in such difficult and strategically important areas, such as Bakhmut, such fighters will not make a decisive difference.

Nevertheless, during the G7 summit both Biden himself and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed on the joint training of the Air Forces of both armies for the Ukrainian pilots exactly on F-16s. Consequently, this is a step in principle, bringing closer the main decision from the Pentagon.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the speaker of the AFU Yuri Ignat noted that one F-16 can perform all the functions that require different aircraft of the Soviet type. At the same time, he explained that the primary task of Western fighters will be to strengthen the air defense inside the country.

"Our mission now is one thing - to defend the country and strengthen the air defense. First of all, this aircraft will allow us to protect us inside the country and also to do what is very much needed now - to drive Russian planes away from our borders," the military officer pointed out.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken remains the key lobbyist for the transfer of F-16s to the Ukrainian army. He is convinced that Ukraine must have air superiority in order to defend its homeland.

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