"We will not forget": Israel threatens Russia with retribution for supporting terrorists. Video

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Weitman promises Russia retribution for supporting Hamas

Israel has promised to "repay" Russia for supporting Hamas terrorists. After winning the war against this group, Israel will make Moscow pay and help Ukraine win the war against Russia.

Amir Weitman, the leader of the liberal wing of the ruling Israeli Likud party, said this live on the RT propaganda channel. He made the warning to the aggressor state during a dispute with the propagandist about the attack on a hospital in Gaza, which, according to Russian propaganda, was allegedly Israel's fault.

"I understand that you are on the Russian payroll, and I understand that this is Russian propaganda. But you have to be very careful... Russia supports Israel's enemies. Russia supports the Nazis who want to commit genocide against us, and it will pay. Listen to me carefully: we will end these Nazis, we will win this war. It will take time, but we will win this war. After that, we will not forget what you are doing. We will come and make sure that Ukraine wins. We will make sure that you pay for what you have done," assured Weitman, a fellow party member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ignoring the propagandist's indignant remarks.

This statement by the Israeli politician was made during an RT broadcast dedicated to a strike on a hospital in the Gaza Strip. In the credits, the propagandists noted that it was allegedly an "Israeli air strike" and repeated Hamas' claims that "hundreds of people were killed" as a result of the strike.

''We will not forget'': Israel threatens Russia with retribution for supporting terrorists. Video

And Weitman said there was no attack on the hospital and called the reports about it Palestinian propaganda repeated by RT.

"And this shows that this is a place of lies," the politician characterized the RT propaganda channel.

In addition, Weitman emphasized that he could not remain calm when the people of Israel were "being killed by the Nazis." In response, the Russian propagandist said that "someone could say that the same thing is happening now in Ukraine with the Russians."


After Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Israel refused to impose sanctions against Russia. Also, the Israeli authorities were extremely cautious in their statements about Russian aggression and were as restrained as possible in providing assistance to Ukraine. This position was explained in Israel by the fact that, despite supporting Ukraine, they were forced to take into account Russia's role in the Middle East and to act in view of the fact that many Jews live in Russia.

Moscow actually sided with the terrorists after Hamas attacked Israel. This was manifested, in particular, at the highest level: Russian President Vladimir Putin openly took a pro-Palestinian position, did not consider it necessary to condemn terrorism and express condolences to the Israeli people. And in his version, the terrorists who committed the massacre in southern Israel were traditionally "to blame" for the attack and their "failed policy in the Middle East."

The position of Russian propaganda was even more unequivocal. Russian state TV channels spread fake news to justify Hamas terrorists and did not hesitate to accuse Israel of "lying" about the militants' atrocities. The Kremlin's "troll factory" was also involved in the dispersal of anti-Israeli hysteria. In particular, they claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy supported the "fascists," i.e. Israel, and also ridiculed the Israeli army and replicated the Kremlin's lies about Kyiv's alleged supply of weapons to Hamas militants.

''We will not forget'': Israel threatens Russia with retribution for supporting terrorists. Video

On the evening of October 17, the news spread around the world that a rocket had hit a hospital in Gaza. Hamas almost immediately blamed Israel and claimed hundreds of casualties. The terrorists also called on Muslims around the world to protest.

Israel rejected the accusations and said that the cause of the deaths in Gaza was a rocket fired by Islamic Jihad militants at Israel. Using video and satellite imagery, the IDF proved that there were no craters typical of Israeli bombs near the hospital, and determined that the epicenter of the fire that broke out after the rocket hit was the parking lot near the hospital. The building of the medical center itself was not badly damaged.

The Israeli military also published intercepted conversations between the militants, in which they admit that their rocket fell near the hospital, and their own video of the moment of its launch and fall.

At the same time, U.S. intelligence data also point to Islamic Jihad and deny Israel's involvement in the strike on the hospital.

And the exact number of dead is currently impossible to establish. It is possible that, as the IDF assures us, the militants have significantly overstated the number of victims.

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