"War is not funny": Ukrainians attacked the Facebook page of French RTL radio, which ridiculed Zelensky's trip to the EU

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French media scandalized by cynical joke about Ukraine
French media scandalized by cynical joke about Ukraine

RTL France radio station has faced harsh criticism after it decided to make a joke about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's trip to Europe. The comparison of the event to a circus was called cynical and disgusting.

Network users expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of radio hosts on the pages of the broadcaster in social networks. And on RTL's Facebook account, Ukrainians staged a "flash mob" - in comments under the latest posts, they asked, "Circus?" - and show pictures of the realities of Russian aggression against our country.

The outrageous joke aired on RTL on May 15. The anchorwoman of the radio station stated that "President Zelenski was at the Elysee Palace with his marquee," that is, a traveling circus. After that, French comedian Laurent Guerra voiced the program of the Ukrainian leader's visit to hilarious music, playing it as if it were an announcement of a circus performance.

RTL France host
RTL Radio France program participants laughed out of a cynical joke

The RTL broadcaster shared this fragment of the program on Twitter, signing the clip: "Zelensky's circus is coming soon to you!"

Ukraine's ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko demanded an apology from the media. He called the antics cynical, tactless and uncharacteristic of the friendly French people.

"Without empathy, without responsibility. I demand an apology to my president and to the people of Ukraine, who are suffering and fighting for their freedom, but also your freedom and the opportunity to enjoy the ease of being."- the diplomat wrote on his Twitter account.

There was still no apology from RTL as of the morning of May 18. However, Ukrainians reminded the broadcaster's Facebook page.

"War is not fun. The circus is what you made after the tragedy in Ukraine," "Circus? What a shame!" "The circus is RTL," "Disgusting!" "Circus... People without empathy. The low life of humanity," wrote social network users who were offended by the radio hosts' joke.



Many posted pictures of the aftermath of the war and the grim realities Ukrainians have to face, and asked media representatives if this was a "circus".



One activist noted: the French media staff must have already seen the reactions and comments of people who were offended by the thoughtlessly cruel joke. "And yet no stance, no apology! Okay, we'll keep coming here to ask the question, "Circus?!" - an Internet user wrote.


Recall that Zelensky paid an official visit to Italy, Germany, France and Great Britain to discuss the Russian-Ukrainian war and military aid to our state.


- On May 17, the French Senate (the upper house of parliament) recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933, artificially arranged by the Soviet authorities, as genocide of the Ukrainian people. The decision was supported by 327 senators.

- French President Emmanuel Macron earlier said that Russia "geopolitically lost" the war against Ukraine and is now becoming a vassal state of China. Russia has also lost control in the Baltic Sea because of its actions.

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