US poll shows Zelensky is more popular in the US than Biden and Trump

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Zelensky's rating among US citizens remains high

Half of the surveyed US citizens express absolute sympathy for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The percentage of approval for Ukrainian politicians in America is higher than for their own: only 42% of respondents speak positively of both White House Chief of Staff Joe Biden and 45th President Donald Trump.

These are the results of a survey conducted by The Economist/YouGov sociologists, Newsweek reports. The survey was conducted to test the accuracy of analysts' predictions that Americans are getting tired of taxpayer funds being "injected" into the Ukrainian economy and army amid the war with Russia.

"The survey showed that more than 40% of Americans believe that the United States is 'obliged to do something' in connection with the fighting between Ukraine and Russia, while almost the same number, 38%, think that their country should not interfere in this confrontation," the publication reports.

At the same time, sociologists are reading the mood of the people: despite the division of opinions on further actions in the war, Americans generally consider Ukraine a friendly country, a partner and an ally for the long term. The dislike of Russia stands out, which the majority of US citizens, namely 84% of those surveyed, called hostile.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, similar results of a survey among Americans were determined back in August. Zelensky was a favorite among the US population even then. Dictator Putin is a real antagonist in a free Western society as he received 90% of negative votes.

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