Trump calls Putin's "peace plan" unacceptable and assures that he can end the war in Ukraine

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Trump assured that he could end the war in Ukraine.

Former U.S. President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump has called the Russian dictator's "peace" proposal for Ukraine unacceptable to Washington. At the same time, he assures that as soon as he becomes the country's leader once again, he will end this war, probably "through negotiations between the parties."

He said this during a 90-minute debate with the current American leader Joe Biden, which was monitored by OBOZ.UA. The candidates came face-to-face on CNN, talked about the key points of their programs, and answered questions, among which the topic of the war in Ukraine was one of the first.

"No, they (Putin's conditions after the end of hostilities – Ed.) are unacceptable. But this war should not have started," Trump said.

He did not answer specifically whether he would agree to Russia keeping the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories if it would end the war. Instead, the Republican assured that he "could have ended the war" before he took office.

Trump calls Putin's ''peace plan'' unacceptable and assures that he can end the war in Ukraine

"Biden gave Ukraine $200 billion. Every time Zelenskyy comes, he comes back with $60 billion, he is the best entrepreneur. Thousands of people died, these victims were not needed. I will make Zelenskyy and Putin agree before I get into office in January 2025," Trump said categorically.

In his opinion, if he were the leader of the United States at the time of the outbreak of a full-scale war, Putin would "fear and respect" him, and therefore allegedly would not even dare to invade.

"As for Russia and Ukraine, if we had a real president, a president that Putin respected, he would never have invaded Ukraine," the US presidential candidate added.

In addition, he repeated his previous statements that Europe spends much less on supporting Ukraine than the United States. However, he did not say whether he would oppose Ukraine's accession to NATO.

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