"They perform surveillance": NATO reacted to the violation of the Polish border by Belarusian helicopters

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Violation of airspace by Belarus over the Suwalki Corridor

The North Atlantic Alliance is closely monitoring the situation in the so-called Suwalki corridor, the border between Lithuania and Poland, where military helicopters of Belarus flew over the day before. This happened within the framework of exercises of the Air Forces of the republic and caused concern among NATO members.

This was reported by Polish television, citing information at NATO headquarters. After the incident, the head of the Polish Defense Ministry Mariusz Blaszczak ordered to increase the number of soldiers on the border and allocate additional forces and means, including attack helicopters.

"Our NATO colleagues have been informed about the incident. The Charge d'Affaires of the Belarusian Embassy was immediately summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw, the leadership of the Defense Alliance continues to monitor the situation in the Suwałki Corridor," the official stressed.

''They perform surveillance'': NATO reacted to the violation of the Polish border by Belarusian helicopters

Two Belarusian helicopters, which were conducting exercises near the border, violated Polish airspace on August 1. They crossed the border in the vicinity of the Polish village of Bialowieza. The helicopters were moving at a very low altitude, which made it difficult to detect them by radar systems. However, they were captured by local residents, who shared the relevant footage online.

Minsk denied the information about violations of Polish airspace by two Belarusian helicopters. Instead, it said that Warsaw is simply justifying the increase in military forces and resources near the Belarusian border.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that propagandists from the "Russia-1" TV channel speculate about hypothetical success on the front with NATO countries. This time, State Duma deputy Kartapolov assessed the prospect of seizing control of the Suwalki corridor, which connects the borders of Lithuania and Poland.

However, Ukrainian Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko said it has no basis for realization.

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