"They are our enemies as well": Russians in Israel "had an epiphany" after Hamas attack. Video

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Russian from Israel calls their compatriots enemies

Many citizens of the aggressor country Russia supported Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel on October 7, resulting in a large number of casualties. Because of this, Russians living in Israel and suffering from the actions of Islamists began to disown their fellow citizens in Russia.

Even those who previously supported Russia's war against Ukraine have changed their minds. The corresponding video was published on the Telegram channel of Ukrainian journalist Denys Kazanskyi (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

It shows a Russian who lives in Israel and who has supported Russian aggression all this time. He said that he had removed Russian flags from his social media page and no longer wants to call himself a "Russian Jew." The man named Vlad called Russians who support Hamas traitors.

"Russia has stabbed us in the back. We were on its side for a year and a half, and now look at what they are posting and writing. They are real traitors. They are our enemies as well," he said.

''They are our enemies as well'': Russians in Israel ''had an epiphany'' after Hamas attack. Video

The author of the video called on other Russians living in Israel to renounce Russia.

"Russian Jews living in Israel are shocked by the reaction of Russian patriots who supported the massacre of Jews by Hamas terrorists. As usual, the Z-cannibals managed to quarrel with everyone, even those who supported their attack on Ukraine in 2022," Kazanskyi commented.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin supported Palestine. Commenting on the war in Israel, he said that Moscow supports the creation of a Palestinian state, but at the same time cynically called for "leaving women and children out of it."

In addition, the network noted that Hamas's rhetoric coincides with Putin's statements. They are surprisingly similar in both form and content.

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