The Lebanese group Hezbollah fired on Israel "in solidarity": IDF strikes back. Video

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The Lebanese group Hezbollah fired at Israel

The Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah has launched a rocket attack on Israel. The militants claim to have fired dozens of missiles at three Israeli positions.

The terrorists called their attacks "solidarity" with the Hamas attack on Israel. This was reported by The Times of Israel (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The terrorists claimed that the attack, which used a large number of rockets and shells, was carried out "in solidarity" with the Palestinian resistance. In addition, the militants claim that Israeli positions were directly hit.

In turn, the Israeli Defense Forces said they responded with artillery strikes and drone attacks. The IDF did not report any casualties. There is also no information about casualties in Lebanon.

According to Sky News Arabia, missiles fired from Lebanon "hit an Israeli military facility."

Hezbollah is a Lebanese paramilitary organization and political party that advocates the creation of an Islamic state in Lebanon modeled on Iran. It is recognized as a terrorist organization in Canada, the United States, Israel and Egypt, the Arab League, the Gulf States, as well as the European Union, Australia and the United Kingdom. Hezbollah terrorists enjoy financial and military support from Iran and Syria.

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The Lebanese group Hezbollah fired on Israel ''in solidarity'':  IDF strikes back. Video

As a reminder, one of the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization, Ayman Younis, was killed in an air strike in the Gaza Strip. The militant's body was found under the ruins of a house. It is also known that several members of Ayman Younis' family were killed.

Earlier it was reported that the Taliban terrorist organization intends to join the war in Israel. The militants called on Iran, Jordan and Iraq to let them into Israel in order to "conquer Jerusalem."

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Israel has extended the state of emergency to the entire territory of the country due to the Hamas attack. This significantly expands the powers of the police.

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