"It is not enough": the head of the African Union commented on Putin's promise to solve the grain crisis

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Azali Assoumani said Putin's promises of free grain are not enough

Vladimir Putin's promised free delivery of small quantities of grain to six African countries will not solve the food market crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. To counter the global threat to food security, hostilities must stop.

This was stated by the head of the African Union Azali Assoumani in the closing speech of the Russia-Africa summit. He suggested African mediation in peace talks between Ukraine and Russia once again.

"The Russian President has shown that he is ready to help us in the area of grain supply. It is important, but it may not be enough. We need to achieve a ceasefire," Azali Assoumani said.

Assoumani also noted in his closing remarks at the summit that war is always an unpredictable situation. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for cessation of hostilities and African countries are ready to act as mediators between Ukraine and Russia.

We shall remind you that a two-day summit with African countries was held in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. Despite Moscow's efforts, most African leaders ignored the summit. Only 17 heads of state out of 55 came to see Putin.

The main topic discussed by representatives of the African continent during the event was the issue of grain supplies. In particular, they called on Russia to return to the fulfillment of the grain deal. Instead, Putin promised to send 25-50 thousand tons of grain free of charge to six African countries that previously supported the position of the Russian Federation in the UN.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called Putin's "free grain" for several African countries "a handful of donations", which will not be able to fully eliminate the serious consequences of the termination of the "grain deal". Such a decision by the Russian Federation will lead to massive price increases in many countries.

United States also reacted to Putin's statement about "free grain" for Africa. The State Department said that these statements of the Russian dictator will not save the situation.

German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Svenja Schulze said that the Russia-Africa summit is nothing but Putin's PR show.

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