In the midst of the war against Ukraine, Russian media praised serfdom. Video.

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RosTV told about the benefits of serfdom
RosTV discussed the benefits of serfdom


In the midst of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, Russian television discussed the benefits of serfdom. They seriously stated that it was a good solution and would solve a number of problems, including employment.

The Russian actor Vitaly Gogunsky took to the airwaves of one of the propaganda programs to discuss serfdom. He assured that it is not as scary as it is believed to be (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).


"Serfdom meant that a person was assigned to a certain plot of land, and it was secured. Can you imagine if everyone was given a plot of land now? This is your plot of land, that's it, but you can't make a sole proprietorship, pay taxes, the landlord does all this for you," the actor told his own version of serfdom.

Gogunsky expressed the opinion that each person should do one thing, so peasants should work only on the land and know everything about it.

"And I don't mind, let the problem of employment be solved by restoring serfdom," the actor said.


Meanwhile, the Kremlin's chief propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov, has seriously stated that the Russian Federation was "the only country where human rights are respected." In addition, he claims that only in Russia (and China) is there "peace," while the rest of the world is "raging." There are no grounds for these statements, but this does not prevent the propaganda from feeding the population of the aggressor country non-existent "victories."

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- Russian authorities want to return the city of Volgograd the former name - Stalingrad. The Internet noted that this is quite a significant event for the aggressor country, as Volgograd is considered one of the poorest and most neglected regional centers in Russia;

- Russian propagandists were cynical about the missile attack on residential high-rise buildings in Zaporizhzhia, which Putin's war criminals carried out on March 22. Russian media said that it was just as "fake as the missile strikes on the maternity hospital and the Drama Theater in Mariupol," and also called the video from the scene "Ukrainian Hollywood."

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