Georgia lets in former prisoners from Kherson region, who were taken to Russia by occupants: details

Anastasia KovalevaWorld
Georgia has allowed six Ukrainian citizens, who were taken by Russians from Kherson Region, to enter its territory.

On Sunday, August 27, after 10 days of waiting, Georgia allowed six Ukrainian citizens, including five former prisoners, to enter its territory. Earlier, Russian occupants had moved them from the occupied Kherson Region.

This is reported by the human rights organization UnMode. Ukrainians were brought to a safe place.

"Today the entire group of Ukrainians was officially allowed to cross the border of Georgia. Border services did not provide any additional conditions or explanations", - stated in the message.

As part of the operation it was announced that the citizens of Ukraine are transported to a safe place.

Recall that on August 19, there were reports that the citizens, previously imprisoned in the Kherson region, were denied entry to Georgia by the border guards of this country. The Russian occupiers forcibly removed them and deported them from Russia when their sentence expired.

Thus, six Ukrainian citizens were blocked in the neutral strip separating the borders of Russia and Georgia. Among them were five previously convicted persons who were forcibly transferred to the territory of Russia. These men planned to leave the Russian Federation by overcoming the transit route through Georgia and arrived at the border on the night of August 17. However, Georgian border guards refused to allow them to cross the border.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported on its efforts to organize the return of the six citizens to the country.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Ukraine has started releasing some prisoners and arrested ex-military men who were ready to defend Ukraine in the war with Russia. It is stated that we are talking about a large number of people who are in custody and are already serving sentences throughout the country.

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