Attack on NATO: US registers resolution on Russia's use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine

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US Senate registers resolution on Russian nuclear weapons

A resolution has been registered in the United States Senate suggesting that Russia's use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine be regarded as an attack on NATO countries. This is due to the fact that the threat of Russia's use of nuclear weapons is the highest since the Cuban missile crisis.

This is reported by the "Voice of America". Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican Lindsey Graham have registered a draft document to this effect in the Senate.

"We believe that nuclear weapons used in Ukraine would release radiation into large areas in Europe, where NATO allies are also located," Graham said during a congressional press conference.

Richard Blumenthal said the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus raises serious concerns and is a provocative action.

"Our message to those around Russian President Vladimir Putin is that if you do this, if you do his bidding, if he ever gives it, you can expect a massive response from NATO and you will find yourself in war against NATO," he said.

Blumenthal added that as the Ukrainians reclaim their own land, Putin will be increasingly tempted to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine or blow up Europe's largest nuclear power plant.

"Either of these actions will have devastating consequences for the health of the Ukrainians, also the neighbouring NATO countries. Poland is at immediate risk. After all, the use of tactical nuclear weapons or the destruction of a nuclear power plant will spread radiation and almost certainly harm people," he said.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, US President Joe Biden considers Russia's use of nuclear weapons a real threat. In his opinion, the President of the Russian Federation may well give an order to use tactical nuclear weapons after the "absolutely irresponsible" deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

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