"We'll have to give part of the territory to Russia": Trump made a cynical statement about the war in Ukraine

Trump made a cynical statement about the war in Ukraine

Former U.S. President Donald Trump said that Ukraine should allegedly "give up" part of its territory to the terrorist state of Russia so that the war would stop. The odious politician also once again said that the U.S. should mediate a peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine through negotiations.

Trump explained his cynical proposal to surrender the territories in an interview with Reuters. He allegedly wants to save human lives.

According to Trump, the Ukrainian authorities will allegedly have to cede some of the territories to Russia in order to stop the war that began with the invasion of Russian troops. Once again, he said the issue would be negotiable if he were elected president of the United States again.

"I think they would have the right to keep most of what they won, and I think Russia would agree to that as well. You need the right mediator or negotiator, and we don't have one right now. I think the most important thing the U.S. should do right now is to make peace, to bring Russia and Ukraine together and make peace. It's time to do that, to bring the two sides together to make peace," Trump said.

As for the war crimes charges brought against dictator Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court, Trump said Putin's fate should be discussed when the war is over. He said that this topic supposedly cannot be brought up now because then Ukraine and Russia will never "reconcile."

To remind, Trump once again boasted of "strong relations" with Russia's dictator Vladimir Putin. He also said that his conversation with the head of the Kremlin postponed the Russian invasion of Ukraine for several years.

Earlier, Trump said he would have achieved peace in Ukraine in 24 hours. He admitted that he would have given the Russian dictator the occupied territories. That way, Trump said, he would have avoided a war in Ukraine.

Trump declared Putin's "love" for Ukraine and boasted of his good relations with the Russian head of state. The reason for the "love", which does not prevent Putin from wiping out Ukrainian towns and villages and killing people, is that he considers Ukraine "part of Russia."

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he did not understand the statements of former US President Donald Trump about his readiness to end Russia's war against Ukraine in 24 hours. The head of state stressed that during his term Trump could have already proved his words in practice, when the Ukrainian territories were already occupied.

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