"We knew it was coming": Humeniuk on missile maneuvers during the night attack

Humeniuk commented on the night attack of the Russian Federation

On the night of September 17, Russia launched a combined attack on Ukraine, using both missiles and kamikaze drones. The missiles repeatedly changed flight direction and performed complex maneuvers.

The invaders were trying to confuse Ukrainian Air Defense, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine had anticipated such a development. This was stated by the head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces Natalia Humeniuk during a TV marathon.

"We knew it was coming. The occupiers have been preparing for such attacks for a certain period. It usually happens on the eve of significant events," she commented on the enemy attack.

Humeniuk added that the complex maneuvers of Russian missiles, according to the occupiers' plan, were intended to confuse Ukrainian Air Defense. At the same time, Russia is looking for the best tactics for further attacks.

"The attack may involve the deployment of a sea-based missile carrier and the use of such missiles. We also see missile maneuvers. The enemy continues to look for the most effective tactics. Our combat work continues," she said.

On the night of September 17, Russian troops attacked Ukraine again. Enemy missiles and kamikaze drones were spotted over the central, eastern and southern regions.

In particular, explosions were heard in the Odesa region. The occupiers attacked an agricultural enterprise. No casualties were reported.

The Russians also fired S-300 missiles at Kharkiv. Four of them hit a civilian enterprise, causing a fire to break out.

In total, Russia launched 10 missiles and six drones at Ukraine during the night. Air Defense Forces shot down 12 targets.

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