"We have to focus": British Air Force Commander points to threats from Russia after its defeat in the war

British Air Force Commander points to threats from Russia after its defeat in the war

The Commander of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom, Mike Wigston, said that after the defeat in the war against Ukraine, the threat from Russia to Western countries will increase. According to him, the aggressor country will try to avenge its failure.

The British Air Chief Marshal added that Russia would pose a direct threat to the UK. He said this in an interview with The Telegraph.

Wigston noted that Western countries should focus their attention on the fact that the Russian air force, navy and submarine forces pose a threat to the UK and NATO. He noted that the threat will not disappear even after Russia's defeat in the war against Ukraine.

Moreover, the British Air Force commander is confident that the threat will even increase if Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is overthrown.

"When the conflict is over and Ukraine has restored its borders, as is necessary, we will have a damaged, vengeful and violent Russia whose means of harming us is air or missile attack," Wigston said.

Notably, the British Air Force commander's comments about the threat posed by Russia after the end of the war in Ukraine are the first public acknowledgement by a Western military leader of fears that are believed to have been discussed privately about how Russia might act in the event of defeat.

Earlier, US General Christopher Cavoli said that despite the heavy losses of the army as a result of the war in Ukraine, the Russian armed forces are still virtually intact and pose a serious threat. According to him, the Russian Federation has already suffered heavy losses, but the Russian navy and cyberspace have lost almost nothing.

As a reminder, US intelligence chief Avril Gaines said that the aggressor country Russia is unlikely to be able to launch a new "large-scale offensive operation" in Ukraine in 2023. According to her, the Russian occupation army lacks ammunition and manpower.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is the fastest way to peace. According to him, Ukraine plans to launch a counter-offensive in the coming weeks.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on 26 May, the Ukrainian Defence Forces eliminated another 480 Russian occupants. The total number of enemy army losses in manpower for the entire period of the full-scale invasion has already reached 206,200 people.

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