"We have already seen everything": in the AFU told details about the weapons used by the occupants

The Ukrainian Armed Forces told what equipment and weapons the Russian Federation uses a year and a half after the start of full-scale aggression against Ukraine

In the war against Ukraine during the full-scale invasion, Russia used practically all the weapons available to the Russian army. In particular, prohibited weapons such as phosphorus ammunition and various "inventions" of the "second world army" were used repeatedly.

In some places, as in the Limano-Kupyansk direction, the Russians use modern T-90 tanks and Su-35 attack aircrafts, but usually outdated equipment is used in the battle, because the Ukrainian Defense Forces have significantly "demilitarized" Russia over the past year and a half. This was told by the head of the press service of the Eastern grouping of troops Ilya Yevlash on the air of the telethon.

According to Yevlash, during Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers at the frontline have seen practically everything that is in the arsenal of the "world's second army".

"It's already hard to say what is changing (in the armament that the occupiers use in the war against Ukraine. - Ed.), because during this time we have already seen everything - from banned weapons, from phosphorus ammunition to some of their "creations" that they come up with. There, on the MT-LB (multi-purpose light armored tractor. - Ed.) to install a ship cannon.... I think we have already seen everything there is to see," said the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of Forces.

Yevlash added that the Russians use modern T-90 tanks and Su-35 attack aircraft on the Liman-Kupyansk direction, but with little success.

"All of them still burn when hit by a Stinger or Javelin missile," the representative of the Eastern group of troops emphasized.

According to him, the Russian occupation troops have equipment and weapons that are far from new, although the old models are able to drive and shoot and they need to be destroyed just as much.

"Usually now we record the appearance on the battlefield of old weapons like IFV-1 (the first Soviet serial armored tracked combat vehicle. - Ed.), which is more than 60 years old, different tanks like T-55, we record different MT-LBs, which in modern countries, even in post-Soviet countries, have long been written off. The so-called "second army" of the world still keeps them, and now they are used mainly to plug the holes," explained Yevlash.

And what they have, the invaders are forced to save, because they have suffered significant losses in equipment thanks to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Thus, the day before, only in the Bakhmut direction, said Yevlash, there were 8 military clashes. The invaders there are retreating with fights and with losses: on September 9, 188 Russian occupants were eliminated near Bakhmut.

They also suffered losses in equipment. One enemy infantry vehicle, three paratrooper vehicles, a 240-millimeter 2S4 Tulpan, two Grad multiple rocket launchers, one Rapira, six vehicles used by the Russians to deliver ammunition, one anti-tank missile system, two ammunition depots, one drone control point and one Orlan-10 drone were destroyed during the day.

Bakhmut. Map of the front line

We will remind, earlier in the General Staff of the AFU said that the Defense Forces hold the initiative in Avdiivka, Maryinka and Shakhtarsk directions, the offensive in the south continues. Over the past day, according to the operational summary for the morning of September 10, there were 30 clashes on the front line.

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