"We are working to make the state stronger": Zelenskyy promises important news for Ukraine. Video

Zelenskyy announces important news for the army on 30 September

The past week has made Ukraine stronger, and the last day of September will bring important news for the state and Ukrainian soldiers in particular. Ukrainian diplomats are currently working to ensure that the coming weeks will add to Ukraine's strength and support from the civilized world.

The "important news" that Ukrainians will learn about on September 30 was announced by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. His traditional video summary of the past day was posted on the President's Telegram channel.

"This week has significantly strengthened our state and our people. Tomorrow we will have important news for Ukraine - for our soldiers, for our entire country. We are working to ensure that the coming weeks will add to Ukraine's strength - internal strength - and the necessary cooperation with the world. We want the world to hear, understand and support us. I thank everyone who helps!" Zelenskyy announced his expectations for the last day of September.

He also noted that the current day was marked not only by Ukraine's struggle for its independence and territorial integrity against the modern aggressor, the Russian Federation under the leadership of Vladimir Putin's regime, but also by the commemoration of the innocent victims of its predecessor, Germany under the rule of the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.

"An emotional day. I started it with events in Babyn Yar. It is the 82nd anniversary of the mass shootings of Jews by the Nazis in Babyn Yar. Over 30 thousand people were killed in just a few days in September 1941. In total, about 100 thousand people were killed in Babyn Yar during the Nazi occupation. Jews, Roma, Ukrainians, and representatives of other nations. It is very important to keep alive the memory of these victims and the fact that the evil that perpetrated the Holocaust was defeated and punished. Ukraine cherishes this memory. "Never again" is not an empty word for us, for Ukraine, and for the entire civilized world. And it will always be so," the Ukrainian president emphasized.

Zelenskyy noted the special symbolism in the fact that after the commemorative events dedicated to past tragedies, he met with those who preserve historical memory and pass it on to future generations: Ukrainian teachers, who will celebrate their professional holiday on October 1.

"It is very symbolic that today I met with our Ukrainian teachers - those on whom the preservation of historical memory and, in many ways, humanity depends. This Sunday, Ukraine will celebrate Teacher's Day, the day of education workers. Today I would like to thank all Ukrainian teachers, educators, lecturers, and mentors. I thank all those who fulfill one of the most honorable missions in life - teaching children what they need to not waste their destiny and be strong on their life path," the President said.

The Head of State emphasized that education is something that gives a person not only knowledge and future profession.

"Education is always more than acquiring knowledge and skills and mastering a profession. It is also a character, its strength. It is the clarity of distinction between good and evil that comes when you study human culture. Education prepares and adjusts a person's moral compass so that it works and so that through it, a person's work, a person's life enriches humanity. This is very important," Zelenskyy said.

According to him, the consequences of the "bankruptcy" of the education system are manifested in the degradation of humanity and morality at the level of the whole state.

"And we see, in particular, from what Russia is doing, what happens when the education system goes bankrupt. When the moral compass of people and the whole society is broken. Evil then reigns in such a country. This will never happen in Ukraine. Not only due to the strength of our weapons, but also due to the strength of our spirit, the strength of Ukrainian characters, our humanity, which will definitely win," the Head of State emphasized.

Earlier, Zelenskyy assured that Ukraine would do everything to protect itself and the whole of Europe from Russian radiation blackmail. He made this statement when commenting on Ukraine's accession to the IAEA Board of Governors. This step, according to the head of state, not only emphasizes Ukraine's international role in the security sphere, but also gives Kyiv the opportunity to influence decision-making.

And the decisions were not delayed. Already on September 29, the IAEA adopted a resolution demanding that ZNPP be returned to Ukraine's full control and that Russian troops, who occupied this strategic facility in the spring of 2022 and have since posed serious threats to its safety and proper functioning, be immediately withdrawn from the station.

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