"War criminals will be destroyed": hackers hacked radio stations and announced the march of Russian volunteers to Crimea. Video

The ''Freedom of Russia'' Legion is going to liberate occupied Crimea

In Russia, hackers hacked the radio airwaves in a number of cities. Russians living in several regions of the Russian Federation had to listen to an address by "Freedom of Russia" Legion fighters to the civilian population.

In their address, the "legionnaires," fighting on the side of Ukraine, announced a march to Crimea and its liberation from "the war criminal Putin's gangs. A Russian newspaper published a video shot by residents of Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory, who listened to the appeal.

According to the journalists, residents of Tuapse heard the appeal of the "Freedom of Russia" legion on local First Radio at about 4 p. m. on June 12. The same appeal was broadcast on radio in Kursk and Tyumen.

In the appeal, volunteers from the "Freedom of Russia" Legion announced a liberation march to the Russian-occupied Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea since 2014.

"We consider it our duty to help the people of Crimea to cleanse the peninsula from the gangs of the war criminal Putin. We ask you to remain calm and give us your maximum cooperation to fight the criminal regime. We remind you that civilians, unlike Putin's war criminals, have never been the target of the Legion of Freedom of Russia. We are defenders and liberators, not punishers," the message noted.

"Legionnaires" also announced the elimination of war criminals who are part of the occupying Russian army. The occupiers will escape death only if they surrender to captivity.

"War criminals will be destroyed, except for those repentant ones who surrender to the Legion of Freedom of Russia. We guarantee these combatants all their rights under the Geneva Conventions," said the Russian volunteers.


Earlier, Russian volunteers called on Crimean residents to provide them with data on the location of the occupants on the peninsula. The fighters of the Russian Freedom Legion said that they do not recognize the fake referendums and the Russian occupation of the peninsula, and consider it their duty to return to Ukraine what it rightfully owns.

"Legionnaires" are primarily interested in the location and addresses of the occupants, in particular senior officers of the Russian army, routes and locations of military equipment, data on collaborators and "sympathizers".

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