Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Wagner PMC ammunition depots in Bakhmut - Malyar

Ukrainian troops destroy ammunition stocks of Wagner PMC in Bakhmut

Ukrainian soldiers defending the fortress city of Bakhmut continue to inflict losses on mercenaries from the Wagner PMC. In particular, they blew up the invaders' ammunition depots in the Bakhmut sector.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Hanna Malyar. She did not specify whether the defeat occurred before or after another hysteria by the owner of the Wagner PMC, Yevhen Prygozhyn, over the "shell famine" suffered by Russian mercenaries in Bakhmut.

Malyar noted that Ukrainian defenders not only defend their positions but also attack. They are also systematically destroying enemy ammunition stockpiles in the Bakhmut area.

"Not only defensive actions are taking place on our side, but also active assault actions. We have news that our soldiers destroyed the ammunition storage sites of the Wagner mercenaries. That is why we are also deploying all our forces to neutralise the enemy," said Malyar.

The deputy minister did not specify how many enemy depots were blown up in Bakhmut. She also smiled when asked by the hosts whether Prigozhin's statement about the Wagner PMC's withdrawal from Bakhmut on May 10 due to a shortage of ammunition was connected to these successes.


On the morning of May 5, Prigozhin announced the withdrawal of the Wagner PMC from Bakhmut. He was going to "hand over the city, where, according to the Russian oligarch, Ukrainian forces allegedly hold a little less than 3 square kilometres, to the Russians, who are shamefully fleeing from Izyum and Lyman".

In his emotional speech about the mercenaries' withdrawal, he referred to the need to "lick wounds" and accused the Russian military command of cowardice, envy and deliberately cutting off the supply of ammunition to the Wagner mercenaries in order to "steal the victory" from Prigozhin.

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