Ukrainian Armed Forces advance in the Tavria sector, enemy loses almost four companies overnight. Video

Ukrainian defenders strike hard at occupants in Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions

Ukrainian defence forces are advancing in the Tavria sector, covering Zaporizhzhia and part of Donetsk region, including the front line to Avdiivka. There are already liberated territories, and the movement of Ukrainian defenders continues, while the invaders lost almost four companies of personnel over the past day.

This was announced on 26 June by the commander of the Tavria operational and strategic grouping of troops, Oleksandr Tarnavskyi. The commander's Telegram channel posted a video of powerful strikes on the occupiers' positions (to watch it, scroll down to the end).



According to Tarnavskyi, the enemy attacked the positions of Ukrainian defenders 18 times and fired 450 times over the past day.



Missile troops and artillery units of the Tavria Defence Forces, for their part, carried out 954 firing missions, with enemy losses in killed and wounded amounting to almost four companies.



In addition, 15 units of enemy military equipment were destroyed: 4 armoured vehicles, two Supercam drones, 2S3 Acacia self-propelled artillery systems and vehicles. An enemy ammunition depot was also destroyed.



"Work is underway to dispose of the Russians," Tarnavsky said.



As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On 26 June, the Ministry of Defence announced the de-occupation of the village of Rivnopil in Donetsk region.

- Soldiers of the 2nd Mechanised Battalion of the 31st Mechanised Brigade recorded a video from the village and said that the occupiers were fleeing and the Armed Forces were moving forward.

- The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine said that over the past week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted defensive and offensive operations in the east and had tactical success. The advance of our military reaches 1-2 km.

- According to the General Staff, the enemy is trying to impede the advance of the Ukrainian Defence Forces in two directions.

- Over the past week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces set several records for the destruction of enemy weapons and equipment. These include artillery systems and enemy air defence systems.

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