Ukrainian air defense shot down 18 out of 23 Iranian drones launched by Russia: more than 30 wounded

The Russian occupation army continues to attack Ukrainian civilian cities with Iranian-made kamikaze drones of the Shahed-136/136 type. Over the past 24 hours, the occupiers also carried out another massive drone strike.

In total, the invaders launched 23 striking Iranian UAVs against Ukraine. This is stated in a summary of the General Staff of the AFU on the morning of May 14.

Air defense forces destroyed 18 Iranian kamikaze strike drones in the sky over Ukraine.

About 50 high-rise buildings, private homes, and cultural and medical institutions were damaged as a result of the blast waves.

The General Staff also reported that more than 30 civilians were wounded.

Recall, the aggressor country Russia the morning of May 13 attacked from the air Khmelnytskyi region - a series of explosions sounded in the region, and there is a flight on critical infrastructure. As a result of the actions of the aggressor up to 30 people were injured, in the regional center damaged residential houses and industrial, medical, and educational institutions.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on the night of May 13, Russia launched kamikaze drones like "Shahed" across Ukraine. As a result of the fall, a possibly shot-down drone in the Kyiv region received damage to a residential house.

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