Ukraine's counteroffensive will be very impressive - former CIA director

David Petraeus: Ukraine's counteroffensive will be impressive

Former Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) General David Petraeus is convinced that the counterattack of the Ukrainian Defense Forces will be impressive. In his opinion, this strategic operation will culminate within the first three to four days.

He said this in the program "Today" on BBC Radio 4 after he visited Kyiv and met with President Volodymyr Zelensky. His words were quoted by The Guardian.

Thus, a retired U.S. Army general and civil servant noted the courage of the Ukrainian people as well as the military. He stressed that the Ukrainians are "determined to liberate their country".

"I have this feeling that they will achieve the effect of a combination of different weapons, that is, they will successfully conduct a combined operation," Petraeus pointed out about the counteroffensive.

He said it would be a phased and combined effort of many forces. The general imagined the sequence of operations would be as follows: deminers would move forward first, clearing obstacles and minefields, and then the armored vehicles would follow, protected from anti-tank missiles by the infantry. According to Petraeus, the Air Defense Forces will also help by keeping enemy aircraft as far away as possible, while electronic warfare means will jam the occupants' radio networks. Further logistics will move in under the cover of artillery and mortars.

"Forward units will inevitably reach a climax in 72-96 hours," predicted the former CIA director.


In a radio conversation with journalists, the issue of Crimea was also raised and Petraeus expressed his opinion that Ukraine would be able to cut off Russia's land access to the peninsula and begin "the process of isolating it.

However, regarding the liberation of Crimea, which was occupied by the aggressor in 2014, the general noted succinctly, "Not in this counteroffensive."

"However, if the Ukrainians can begin to isolate the peninsula, I think that will change the dynamic very, very significantly," Petraeus explained.

Earlier, he noted that in a future counteroffensive, the AFU would have a significant advantage over uncoordinated units of Russian army forces and mercenaries. According to him, the Russian command is looking for opportunities to achieve at least "the smallest victories" at the front.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the day before President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine is ready for a counterattack. He stressed that although the Ukrainian army has not yet received all the weapons it had hoped for, it is no longer possible to wait.

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