"Tricked into going to the front line": conscripts from Ussuriysk rebelled and refused to fight, they were thrown into the detention center in Luhansk. Video

A battalion of invaders was ''suddenly'' thrown into Klishchiivka near Bakhmut

Russian mobilized men from Ussuriysk (Primorsky Krai of the Russian Federation) complained that they were "tricked" into going to the front lines in Klishchiivka near Bakhmut, where they were held under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, leaving them without communications and "air and artillery support". Four of them are being held in a PTDC in occupied Luhansk due to their refusal to return to the front lines.

This was reported by Russian media. In a video message recorded on July 6, the conscripts from Russian military unit 712869 said that since December 2022, their battalion had been "conducting all-round defense" of occupied Energodar in Zaporizhzhia, and on June 11 they were "taken off combat positions" and promised to be sent to Popasna in Luhansk Region (please scroll to the end of the video to see the video).


"However, on June 17, without the personnel being introduced to the combat order, we were taken to the village of Klishchiivka to the line of direct contact with the enemy, 14 people were tricked under the pretext of taking them to our positions to go very close to the enemy, where they were under constant mortar fire for more than 16 hours. As a result we suffered losses: one dead, one injured," the occupants complained.

According to them, they spent 15 days "illegally" in Klishchiivka, where "more than two thousand shells were fired. At the same time, they could not take cover, because the positions "were destroyed by enemy fire".

"We were there without air and artillery support and with no normal means of communication, because the enemy's EW jammed any attempts. Our EW did not work at that time, which did not prevent the enemy from freely launching their UAVs to conduct reconnaissance activities to determine our location," the conscripts said.


On July 2, they were ordered to retreat, and now they are forced again to be sent to Klishchiivka "to hold positions" that are allegedly under the control of the AFU. The occupants complain that the command forces them to "become volunteers" and threaten to disband the battalion and send them to the "penalty squad", i.e. the "Storm Z" unit made up of prisoners.

A relative of one of the mobilized men told Astra that four of the 20 "refuseniks" were taken to the detention center in occupied Luhansk. They are allegedly waiting for a "higher authority" there.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- According to the General Staff of the AFU on the morning of July 7, the Ukrainian defenders repelled all attacks near Marinka. They also destroyed an armored personnel carrier depot and three radio-electronic warfare stations.

- During the day on July 6 in Ukraine about 510 occupants were liquidated, 80 units of enemy equipment were also destroyed, the General Staff said.

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