Throwing everything into the battle: occupants use the latest equipment near Bakhmut

The enemy is using the latest equipment near Bakhmut

The Russian occupation army is trying to stop the counter-offensive of Ukrainian troops in the Bakhmut direction. The enemy is throwing the latest pieces of equipment into the battle, but it is not achieving the desired result and is suffering losses.

The Russians cannot replenish their stocks of new samples of equipment as their resources are limited. The press officer of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade Oleksandr Borodin spoke about this on the air of a TV marathon.

According to him, Ukrainian soldiers destroy a huge amount of enemy manpower and equipment in the Bakhmut direction. Borodin emphasized that the Russians have a "no limit" on personnel, so one should look first of all at the amount of destroyed equipment.

"In general, our situation is not bad because we have destroyed a very large amount of enemy forces and equipment. When we start advancing, they use a large amount of equipment. It is different from their offensive when we didn't hit so much equipment.  We were more focused on personnel, but they have no limit on them, so it's not as important as the means of fire defeat," Borodin said.

He also added that the occupants are using new types of equipment near Bakhmut, T-90M tanks and new modifications of IFVs in particular. Unlike the old equipment, which the enemy probably has tens of thousands of units stored in warehouses, the new equipment cannot be promptly restored by the enemy.

"It's hard to estimate the amount of equipment they can replenish, but it should be noted that they use the latest samples to repel counterattacks and our offensives. These are the latest samples, which they don't have many. There are T-90Ms, various EWs and IFVs of the latest modifications. They don't have many of them. It is clear that they probably have tens of thousands of IFV-1s or T-54s in their warehouses, but they have much less firepower or military value," Borodin said.

Throwing everything into the battle: occupants use the latest equipment near Bakhmut

The Defense Forces of Ukraine thinned the army of the terrorist state of Russia by 610 more occupants on September 6. The total number of losses of the Russian Federation in manpower for the entire period of full-scale war has already reached 266,900.

AFU soldiers destroyed a warehouse of military equipment of the occupants in the temporarily occupied village of Myronovka in the Donetsk region. The published footage shows Ukrainian defenders hitting a warehouse of the invaders.

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