"They walk with guards": a captured occupier complained about his commanders and admitted that he was afraid of reprisals from his subordinates. Video.

The captured occupier complained about the commanders

The captured Russian occupier Mikhail Golubev from the Oryol region said that he had come to kill Ukrainians and destroy peaceful cities to pay his "debt to the motherland". At the same time, the invader complained about his commanders and admitted that they were afraid of reprisals from their subordinates.

At the same time, like most other Russians, it was only after being captured that the occupier allegedly suddenly realised that Kremlin propaganda was lying. This is reported by the Telegram channel "Look for your own" (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The mobilised Russian said that he allegedly wanted to blow himself up on a grenade to avoid being captured. However, he was not destined to kill himself, as he only had a fuse on him, and the grenade itself remained in his backpack.

"I was thinking of blowing up the grenade and throwing it under my feet, but as luck would have it, I only had a fuse, the grenade was left in my backpack. Well, we (Kremlin propaganda - ed.) were terrified that they were cutting off organs. The prospect of captivity did not please me much. But as it turned out, I was treated with more than dignity," says the occupier.

The occupier also complained that the Russian army command did not take into account the losses and sent people to certain death. According to the invaders, only 9 out of 28 Russians survived mortar fire at one of their positions.

"It seems that the commanders are trying to earn titles, orders, and awards at our expense, without thinking about the consequences, about the losses. We had to go and suppress the machine gun in some area. The first tank immediately broke down, hit a mine. The second tank also became unusable. We sent people to the machine gun - they were just pelted with mines. Out of 28 people, only 9 remained," the capturer complains.

In addition, the Russian said that many of the mobilised allegedly want to kill their commanders, but they cannot do so because they are accompanied by guards.

"You can't get close to the comrades of the commanders - they all walk with guards, the regiment commander, the battalion commander. Among the regiment's servicemen, there are more than half of the regiment who want to slap him. I don't know, the only thing left is to refuse everything. Let's say the whole unit, the whole company, just doesn't go anywhere and sits in the trenches, does nothing," the Russian complains.

As a reminder, the Russian terrorist complained about the heavy losses of Putin's army on the frontline. He said that at some of the occupiers' positions, the smell of corpse is acutely felt.

Earlier, a soldier of Putin's army complained about the inept system and stupidity of the Russian authorities, which sent him to war against Ukraine. He talks about the failure of the "Special Military Operation" and that his country is living in shit, but does not condemn the aggression, hoping that "America and Europe" will soon ignore it.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the occupier complained to his family about how the command sends the Russian army to slaughter. According to him, they are forced to go on assaults, and if they refuse, they are punished, so as a result, no one returns from the positions alive.

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