"They decided to throw bodies at everything": mobilised occupiers complain that they are treated like meat. Interception

Russian mobilisers complain about the attitude of the command and heavy losses

The mobilised Russian occupiers complain about the attitude of the command to them as cannon fodder. The Russian invaders also talk about significant losses of Russian army personnel in the war against Ukraine.

Ukraine's military intelligence intercepted a telephone conversation between the occupier and his father, in which they discuss the dissatisfaction of the mobilised personnel with the decisions and actions of the Russian command. The corresponding audio recording was published on the DIU's Youtube channel (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The phone conversation shows that the Russian's son was recently mobilised and is fighting against Ukraine. His father asked him about the situation at the front.

The occupier apparently complained about the way they were treated by the command. After he answered, my father complained that the command decided to throw cannon fodder at everything.

"Well, they treat us like f*cking meat, of course. Well, yes, now they have decided to throw bodies at everything, almost like Wagnerians," the Russian is outraged.

The Russian mobilised man also complained about the significant losses among the infantry and the disorder in their army.

The father responded by saying that he understood where this was going and called Russia a "f*cking country"

"Our people are being sent to places where it is not clear what and where. That is, the unit was coordinated, at least what was left of it. And now it's not clear what, not clear how. When there was cohesion, it was at least clear what we were whispering about and what kind of conversation was going on. And now it turns out that we're running away, it's not clear where the f*ck we're going. It was a f*cked-up country, and it's still a f*cked-up country," the Russian said.

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As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

In an intercepted conversation, another Russian occupier told a colleague how he had fled the front for money, as he realised that the Russian command was using people like him as cannon fodder in the war against Ukraine. He recommended that his interlocutor return home.

Russian citizens are beginning to see the light in the context of the war their country has unleashed in Ukraine. In private, Russian civilians have begun to discuss the possibility of evading mobilisation.

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