There will be no offensive: U.S. sees no signs of Belarus preparing to enter a war with Ukraine

However, Alexander Lukashenko continues to provide the territory of his country as a foothold for the Russian military forces

The United States sees no signs of Belarus preparing for a direct offensive into Ukraine. The White House has no intelligence to confirm this.

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the White House, John Kirby, stated it. According to him, the self-proclaimed head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, continues to provide his country's territory as a foothold for Russian military forces.

"We have not seen any indication that the Belarusian military or the Belarusian government plans to more tangibly support Russia in terms of putting their troops in the fight in Ukraine," Kirby said.

He added that the Belarusian regime had previously provided direct support to Russian aggression.

"The Russians continue to use Belarus as a staging base and as a place from which they can and have continued to launch strikes inside Ukraine," Kirby said.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has recorded repeated deployments of Russian Armed Forces units that were training there.

"The Russian military is undergoing training and exercises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. We are recording the redeployment from Belarus to Russia of those units that have already completed their training, so the number of Russian troops in this area may change slightly. Earlier, we noted that there are about 9-10 thousand Russian troops on the territory of Belarus. Our intelligence units, including those of the State Border Guard Service, are actively monitoring the situation and recording everything that is happening on the other side of the border," said Andrii Demchenko, a representative of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

He added that having a strong defense in this area and preventing an invasion is the main task of Ukrainian defenders.

"That is why we continue to build up our defensive positions both along the border and in the border areas. Such activities are taking place along the entire length of the border with Belarus - from Volyn to the Chernihiv region," Demchenko said.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Lukashenko attacked the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in absentia, accusing him of organizing an attack on the Belarusian airbase. He said that such operations were not carried out without the approval of the president of the country.

Lukashenko also announced the detention of a "terrorist" of the Ukrainian special services in Belarus, who is to be blamed for the attack on the airbase.

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